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Peer Review

Southwest Florida Find Craft Guild believes that critique is vital to the creation of artwork and encourages its members to improve their work for both sale and exhibiting by participating in the Peer Review process.  In that process, artists receive constructive feedback and practical advice to support them in succeed.  When a member requests a Peer Review of their work, appropriate artists are appointed to view, analyze, critique and discuss their artistic choices and techniques. 

   Artists are always be assessing, thinking, revising, formulating, and changing so are naturally in a state of critique while creating.  But regardless of whether or not they heed it, receiving feedback from others provides another voice in the void, along with contrast, confidence, perspective, and often new ideas.

To request a Peer Review at any time, please email President Lynn Ondercin at or use the contact box on this page.  She will promptly appoint an Ad Hoc Peer Review Committee based on the medium being reviewed and set up a time and date.  Peer Review is appropriate for both emerging and experienced artists and is not only a valuable experience but highly recommended to all.


Peer Review Process


Quality Check

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