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2022 October Newsletter

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

From your President:

My heart is broken to see the devastation that Hurricane Ian has brought to our beautiful Southwest Florida. Lives and property were lost. It is easy to say "Carry on" but very difficult to do so without pain and heartache.

To our members, I want you to know that I am in this struggle with you and understand your feeling that Guild activities may not a high priority in your life at this time. But social time with friends can nourish our spirits so I am encouraging everyone that can, to please attend the October 15th meeting at CCAC at in the Painting Studio. Social time for members begins at 11am with the meeting at 11:30am. I would love to share a hug with you and will be with you in spirit if you can't make the meeting or participate in shows for a time. With all my heart,



I know things are really up in the air for many of us. There is everchanging information due to the hurricane, but I can now report that we are still definitely ON for this show and back to our original Receiving date of Wednesday, November 2nd from 9 to noon. If you need help getting your work delivered, please contact me, Lynn. I don't have a car but know people that do. We will make it work. To see the Prospectus, go to our website,, click on Events, then Exhibitions. Under the library show, you can click on "Prospectus". . This is a two-month long show that will be seen by hundreds of people and all sales go directly to artists, so NO COMMISSIONS! Please try to bring the maximum of FIVE pieces for the $25 entry fee.

PHOTO LESSION #3: How to rename and reformat:

Some shows required that you name your photos in a very specific way. Here is how to do that: Open your image in Preview, Paint, or in PC or Apple photo software. Select “Save as” from the file menu. Most images will already be in JPEG format but if you need to change yours, select “JPEG” from the pull-down Format menu. You can also choose which folder to save it. You may want to create folder to keep your resized images. Type your new file name in the box. Always read the naming requirements carefully. They can be specific and non-intuitive.

When entering shows online, remember to double-check your images against ALL the submission guidelines.

Never increase the size of an image — it will look blurry or pixelated. You can size down, but not up. Do not stretch or squash your image when resizing it. Choose the “Scale Proportionally,” (in Mac) is checked where applicable so that the proportions change automatically.

Do photograph your artwork in bright, evenly lit spaces (like indirect sunlight on a cloudy day), buy or borrow a photo tent, or have them professionally photographed.

Bring your work to a guild meeting when photo workshops are offered. SWFFCG will hold several photo workshops after member meetings throughout the season. Those will be announced in advance.

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