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2023 April 15th, Member Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Meeting was called to order by President Lynn Ondercin at 11:30 AM Lynn welcomed members to the end of the season meeting and thanked them for their support.

Jessica Wisdom, the new Director of the Cape Coral Art Center joined to introduce herself to us and thank us for our support of the arts. She was previously with Big Arts and the Alliance for the Arts and has background in development and fundraising. She told us she was happy to be here and that the staff and community have been wonderful. Being in the job for 5 weeks she is still learning but is happy to work with us. She is going to help us with our Group Project which she plans on showing in the Side Gallery of the CCAC and she will work to get the Project into City Hall. She is very appreciative of our scholarships for the children’s summer program.

Minutes from March Member Meeting were approved and accepted, Jacqui Smith- Maureen Ginipro.

Nancy Kress was nominated by the Board to replace Nancy Gray Giffin (who resigned because of personal reasons). Members voted unanimously to accept the nomination. The board and members thanked Nancy for her long years of service to the Guild.

Treasurers Report - Nancy Kress reported that there is $1966.55 in the account and another $35 that will be added as soon as she is officially added to the bank account.

Membership Report - Kathy Erickson reported that we have 61 Members and since 2/22 there were 18 New Members. Kathy is going to step down as Membership Chair. Lynn will work on getting a new chair and in the mean time Pam Richardson will assist where needed in Membership. The Board and Members thanked Kathy for her years in the Membership position.

Exhibit at Coco Gallery May 3-23, 2023 “Distinctive Design”. Receiving is May 3 from 10 to noon. The reception is the same evening (5-7PM). Artists are requested to supply food or wine for the reception. Lindsay England will be the judge. Artists are encouraged to enter and need to fill out all the appropriate paperwork completely. Because of time constraints the paperwork is important. If an artist is already exhibiting at Coco they can still exhibit in our exhibit which is a separate exhibit within the Gallery exhibits. There will be space for hanging pieces on provided panels and we will bring our pedestals.

Our collaboration with Cape Coral Art League went well. The winners from SWFFCG were: First Place - Christine Keyworth “Chaos” - polymer clay Second Place - Kathy Erickson “Sapphire Wave’ - basket Third Place - Pam Richardson “Glen at Dusk” - fiber art Merit #1 - John Cowgill “Storm Brewing” - fused glass Merit #2 - Jacqui Smith “Treetop Encounter” polymer clay Group Project deadline has been extended to 9/16. Unfortunately, 3 pieces will need to be returned to the artists because the back of the piece need to be empty of media. The forms on back need to have the pertinent information filled out. If you would like to do a panel or do an additional panel contact Donna Esher.

Lynn would like to purchase a professional photo tent for the Guild. We are asked for professional photos for publicity and for exhibit venues. The board did approve $100 purchase. Lynn would also offer to have the tent at the end of meetings to explain and show how it works to members.

The last raffle of the season was drawn and won by John Cowgill. Paul David will get the piece to him. Next raffle will be in September.

Paul David reported that the Member Corner is filled through March 2024. He will offer the empty months to members in September.

There will be a New Members luncheon at Lynn’s home on (updated to be on May 6th at 11:30am). New Members and Board Members will be invited, Board Members will provide the food. New members will be encouraged to bring samples of their work and board members will provide information and sources they work with.

June and Judy are preparing for Expo 2024 and asking for teachers or suggestions for classes and for new classes - usually a 3 hour class. Saturday and Sunday are available. Email them with any suggestions. They would also like to reinstate the raffle of art pieces donated by Members.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM


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