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2022 Nov 19th, Member Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Member Meeting - November 19, 2022 Minutes

President Lynn Ondercin (via Zoom) and Vice President Donna Esther called the meeting to order at 11:36 AM

Welcome to members including new members in attendance. Sign in sheets were passed around and it was explained that the dual sign in sheets have specific purposes. CCAS needs to have it’s sign in sheet to show the room usage to the City and SWFFCG needs to keep track of attendance.

Minutes - Minutes from October 15, 2022 meeting were approved. Dee Cooper/Pam Richardson.

Treasurer’s Report - Nancy Gray Giffin, Treasurer, reported that as of the end of October there was $6,403.70 in the Treasury. Not included were the expenses for the Library Exhibit ($25 for 5 awards) and miscellaneous expenses or the fees collected for the exhibit ($400). Nancy hoped that future exhibits would be more cost effective. Perhaps we should propose that awards would be determined dependent on participation.

Membership - dues now are expected to be paid in September. This is a change from previous years and members will need to be reminded. There are 72 members - 35 are paid. Membership can be paid on line or by sending a check to Kathy Erickson. Lynn Ondercin asked Kathy Erickson and Mike Ziegler to go ahead with having the Member Directory/ Yearbook printed.

EXPO report - Expo is the Guild’s way of saying thank you to the CCAC for providing us with a meeting space at no charge. 2023’s Expo will be February 4 & 5. There are 9 classes scheduled for Saturday and 1 scheduled for Sunday. It will be advertised shortly. It is a ‘make and take’ class. Classes are usually 6,8 or 12 students.

The instructors prepare kits for the classes. SWFFCG encourages members to consider doing a class for 2024. The 2023 Expo will need volunteers as helpers or runners to assist in the classes. Consider volunteering and contact Renee Farr or Nancy Gray Giffin. Reports - The current Library Exhibit is going well. Award winners are - Stan Dzedzy - 1st Place, Nancy Gray Giffin, 2nd Place, Dee Cooper, 3rd Place, Merit - Pam Richardson, Honorable Mention, Debbie Kramer. Photos will be on the Guild’s Intstagram and Facebook pages. Participants were reminded that if their piece is sold and needs to be removed they need to contact Donna Esther so she can inform the Library.

Mike Ziegler reported that the ACSWF has had a President change. The new President is Nancy Burke. They have had ‘reopenings’ at both the Estero Gallery and the Naples Gallery. Both reopening receptions were well attended. He explained that the ACSWF is the organization that encompasses the many art groups in the area. Nancy Gray Giffin requested that SWFFCG members showing at either Gallery tell her when they sell so that she is aware as the Guild gets a portion of the sales price from our members.

Paul David Adamick - November raffle had $165 in sales. Judy Van Inwegen’s glass bowl. The raffle was won by Denise Moretti. December’s raffle will by a fiber art tryptic by Pam Richardson. Tickets can be purchased through Paul David and on line. The January raffle will

be a Gourd by Nancy Gray Giffin, Paul David also reported that the SWFFCG Display area at the CCAC is covered for the season.

Donna Esther explained the Group Project that the Guild is doing. It is called Fabulous Florida. 8x8 canvas boards are available for members to use and decorate. The finished boards will be collected at a future date (tbd) and they will be displayed in a ‘quilt like’ way. There is video from a Florida Keys group that does a similar thing - Donna Esther said it would be shown at an upcoming meeting. CCAC has agreed to display our finished project.

New Business - Lynn Ondercin suggested we resume some sort of social activity perhaps at a restaurant or bar. Something informal. We shall wait for Lynn to be back in Florida for more discussion.

New Member Show and Tell - New Member Jean Nofsinger showed her broken glass and resin work and explained the different ways she works with broken glass. New Member Roxanne Lawrence showed her anodized metal jewelry and gave a short history of her work. Thank you and welcome to both of them.

Dee Cooper gave a short talk about the history of the Guild and how it has evolved in it’s 50 + years. Some ‘long term’ members added their memories .

Pam RIchardson spoke about the Cape Coral Art Festival and that she’d been told that non profit organizations can get a free table at the Festival. She was hoping to spread the word on the Guild and perhaps get new members. She will check if it is still available. If so, volunteers will be needed to attend the booth.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM

Next Meeting - December 17, 2022. Holiday Party and Naughty Santa Gift exchange. Please bring snacks, sweets or beverages and a wrapped gift (made by you) to exchange.


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