How to Donate

Thank you for your consideration to donate to the SWFL Fine Craft Guild. When you donate you are actually helping to sponsor a youth scholarship. You can do this by choosing a sponsorship level as shown below, purchasing a raffle ticket (use the Monthly Raffle tab in the menu), or make a donation of your own monetary choice. We accept cash, check or PayPal donations. 

Thank you for supporting your local artistic youth!

Become A Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild Sponsor

Advertising Sponsor

Your donation as an advertising sponsor opens opportunities for your business. Choose from these options:

  • Option 1: $50/yr = Ad in our Yearbook (business card sized ad)

  • Option 2: $75/yr = Website advertisement as a sponsor  + ad in 9 Newsletters

  • Option 3: $100/yr = Ad in our Yearbook (quarter page sized ad)

  • Combo 1: $110 = Website + 9 Newsletters + Yearbook ( business card size)

  • Combo 2: $210 = Website + 9 Newsletters = Yearbook ( quarter page ad)

Scholarship Co-Sponsor

A typical scholarship donation is $100. The Guild awards a minimum of three annual scholarships to local art students at FGCU, Cypress Lake H.S. for the arts. We also sponsor two or more needy children to attend summer camp at the Cape Coral Art Center and various other local art camps as part of our expanding outreach service.

Patron of the Guild

A typical donation is $75 however whatever your choice of contribution is always graciously appreciated.

Here are some examples of costs involved with our Guild to help you decide what is your preferred amount.​

  • Website management $50/hour

  • Facility rentals up to $30/hour

  • Reception costs start around $250+

Your chosen contribution helps us keep going and make our meetings, events and exhibitions happen.​