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Meet the Board

The board of officers of the Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild are experienced and passionate artists who love sharing their skills and knowledge with all our guests. Above all, we’re a family of creative minds and qualified professionals in a variety of different fields who are bound by an undying passion for the arts. Come in and meet us today!

2023 Celebrating Color

Lynn Ondercin

President & Communication Committee

Lynn is a stone sculptor and photographer.  As president she presides over meetings, appoints committees and representatives, and writes the Guild Newsletter.


Maureen Ginipro


Maureen is a mixed media artist.  As Secretary she keeps the minutes of meetings and a record of all documents, flyers, and other pertinent records ;which would include preserving them permanently.


Dee Cooper

Past President

Dee is a fiber artist and jeweler. 

Paul David Adamick.jpg

Paul David Adamick

CCAC Liaison

Paul is a mixed media, glass and ceramic artist. He is our resident CCAC tour guide and monthly drawing coordinator.


Trudy Sampson

Scholarship Coordinator

Trudy is a stone sculptor.  She contacts schools and with the approval of the board, determines the number and amount of scholarship money can be distributed to deserving students.


Judy Van Inwegen

Vice President & Communication Committee

Judy is a fused glass artist. She has been a member of the Guild for many years and worked  together with June Bennet, CCAC, and other organizations to provide hospitality service for our receptions. 


Debbie Kramer

VP Committee

Debbie Kramer is a stained glass and mosaic artist. She works on the VP Committee to aid in finding and organizing exhibits, shows and other events.


Renee Farr


Renee is a fused glass artist. She has all information regarding the history of the Guild.


Mike Ziegler

Assistant Treasurer and ACSWF 1st Vice President

Mike is a woodworker.  He is the Assistant Treasurer and the Guild’s representative for the Art Council.


June Bennett

Hospitality &  Fine Craft Expo Coordinator

June is a fused glass artist. She works together with Judy, CCAC and other organizations to provide hospitality service for our receptions. She also manages and coordinates the annual Fine Craft Expo this season.

Nancy Dress

Nancy Kress


Nancy is a wire wrapping jewelry designer. As Treasurer, she tracks and provides the financial status of the guild.

John Cowgill

John Cowgill

VP Committee

John is a glass artist and creates and edits our prospectuses.


Pam Richardson

Communication Committee

Pam is a fiber and mixed media artist.  Pam works on the Communications Committee specifically on print advertising and sponsorship.


Cindi Bateman

Membership Coordinator

Cindi is a talented metalsmith with the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. She oversees membership, dues, and paperwork regarding attendance for the City and the Guild.


Holly Fekete

Website Director

Holly is a charcoal, graphite and fiber artist. She manages and updates the Guild's website as well as works at the Cape Coral Art Center.

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