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2022 Dec 17th, Member Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Member Meeting Minutes, December 17, 2022

Lynn Ondercin, President called the meeting to order at 11:32 AM (via Zoom) In attendance: Lynn Ondercin (via Zoom), Donna Esher, June Bennett, Judy Van Inwegen, Maureen Ginipro, Paul David Adamick, Kathryn Erickson, Renee Farr, Nancy Kress, Linda Gelaflo, Mike Ziegler, Tracy Skelton, Toni Antweiler, Roxanne Lawrence, Noelle Bishop, Carolyn Gora, Terry Lawler, Kay Stammers, Angela Hackbarth, Trudy Sampson

Lynn welcomed all.

Minutes from the November 19, 2022 meeting were accepted. Mike Ziegler and Trudy Sampson.

New member Linda Gelaflo introduced herself. She is a fused glass, stain glass, jewelry, art quilt artist.

Multiple sign in sheets were explained. The Guild it self need to keep track of who is attending meetings and the Cape Coral Art Center needs a record of how many people are using the building. The Cape Coral Art Center is very supporting of the Guild and does not charge us any fee for using the space. We are very appreciative of their support.

Treasurer’s Report. In Nancy Giffin’s absence Lynn Ondercin reported that as of the end of November there is $6,749.44 in the treasury.

Membership report - Kathy Erickson explained that some of the members emails have come back as not deliverable. She will follow up with phone calls. She has had success with reminding members that dues are now overdue. In the next newsletter (early January) Lynn will remind people to inform the Guild of any change in emails, addresses or phone numbers. There will be a Yearbook published shortly.

Expo Report - Expo - which is the Guild’s way of thanking CCAC for their support - will be February 4 and 5. There are 12 classes - most on Saturday. One longer mosaic class will be on Sunday.

The Creative Possibilities exhibit at the Cape Coral Library will have removal on 1/3/23. Donna will post that on Facebook and Instagram. Removal is from 9-noon. An email will go out to remind members that they need to pick up their pieces.

Art Council - Mike Ziegler reported that there will be a “Winners Circle” exhibit at the Norris Center in Naples. Date to be determined but probably June or July of 2023. Each Association will choose at least 2 pieces to enter. They are to be from Association exhibits - juried in - winning at least top 3 awards. Mike was unsure if it would include 1 or 2 calendar years.

There are 23 Art Leagues in the Southwest Florida Art Council. Members of these Associations are able to enter the Coco Gallery or the Naples Gallery. They pay a monthly fee to show their work and are asked to work in the Gallery one day a month. The Gallery gets a percentage of any work sold as does the member organization when one of their members sells work.

The Alliance for the Arts has an “All Florida Show’ coming up. It is open to artists living in Florida. Deadline for entering is 1/23/23. Prospectus is on the Alliance website. SWFFCG next exhibit is ‘Hands on Art’. It will be run in conjunction with the Expo. Prospectus should be available shortly on the website and at the CCAC.

The Group project was briefly discussed. Donna will have a more in-depth explanation of it at the January Meeting. It is called “Fabulous Florida’ and will consist of 8x8 canvas boards decorated by Guild members and displayed “quilt like”. CCAC will have it on exhibit and it is hoped that it might then go to CIty Hall on display. Deadline for the completed canvases is March-ish.

The canvases should reflect Florida and need not be 3 D work.

Julie Gerhard, Director of the Cape Coral Art Center will be leaving at the end of the month. She will be missed as she was always very supportive of the Guild.

The monthly raffle was won by Mike Ziegler. He was lucky enough to get Pam Richardson’s beautiful fiber art. Paul David happily reported that next month’s raffle will be Nancy Giffin’s gourd basket and that we have the next few months already covered.

Scholarship news - Member Terry Lawler is making a donation to the scholarship fund in a friends name. Trudy Sampson will work with Terry to make this happen. It will fund a scholarship for a high school student in 2023.

Trudy Sampson mentioned that the Lexington Community Craft Fair will be February 10, 2023. There is no charge for tables but it is first come, first serve.

Meeting adjourned 12:00 PM

Next Meeting: January 21, 2023


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