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2022 October 15th, Member Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild

Board Meeting Minutes September 17, 2022

Call to Order: 11:30 a.m. by President, Lynn Ondercin

Lynn welcomed members and thanked them for coming in such difficult times.

Minutes:Approved Member Meeting Minutes of September 17, 2022. Jacqui/Judy V.

Process: Sign-in sheets were passed around

Membership Report: We have 5 new members. Nancy reminded us that members may pay their dues online on the website. It is quick and easy. Due should be paid at this time. Don’t wait!

Reminder: Volunteer sign-up for Creative Possibilities Exhibit at the Cape Coral Art Center: Judy, Pam, Lynn, Donna, Monica R. and her helper will be receiving and installing art.

Update: Lexington Art Show was cancelled

Art Walk table: It was decided to table this until later in the season. Downtown has bee impacted by the hurricane.

Finances: We have $6,337.12 in the Treasury and decided to donate $300 to CCAC to rebuild June Bennet’s newly planted garden. What a shame!

Group Project, FABULOUS FLORIDA: Lynn showed the video of the Florida Keys groups that create a multimedia “Quilt” by painting or decorating an 8”x8” canvas board. Dee helped members sign up for a board. We will take them home and decorate them to make our group project. Because some finished boards were fragile it was decided that members should wait before bringing them in, unless they want to share them with the group, which would be fun.

Show and Tell – Several members brought in buy / sell / trade items but it was a small group so we turned this time into a show and tell. It was fascinating to hear members explain their work and techniques, including Nancy G., a new member, who showed her wired wrapped jewelry, Jacqui who had children’s books, and Pam who showed her scarves.

Photo tent - Members may bring their work to meeting if they want to get professional looking photos taken. Dee C. will bring her photo tent and work with members after each meeting. Thanks Dee!

Discussion: Paul David reported that all the display corner sign up sheet is now full for this season. He also reported that we will wait until the next meeting to raffle off Judy’s beautiful glass piece.

COCO Galleries were explained. There is a monthly fee to $35 to show your work. Maximum number of pieces varies during the seasons. Our guild gets a small percentage of any work our members sell as does COCO.

Pam showed us the ART GUIDE which is a publication of art and culture for the state of Florida. We paid $95 to have an advertisement square. These are free and are available at many locations in the area plus CCAC.

Pam also worked with Holly to created a professional looking postcard that we can give out at all our shows and perhaps at the CCAC booth at the CC Art Festival in January. Thanks Holly and Pam!

Paul D. had FREEBIES at the end of the meeting… hundreds of corks for crafting and many cigar boxes for storage or mixed media projects. Thanks Paulie!

NEXT MEETING: Renee Farr will speak on the history of the Guild

Next meeting: Saturday November 19, 2022 Meeting Adjourned: 12:30 p.m.


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