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2024 March 16th Member Meeting Minutes

Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild

Member Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2024


Lynn Ondercin, President called meeting to order at 11:30 AM

Minutes from February 2024 Member Meeting were accepted.  Judy Van Inwegen, Donna Spitzer. No Treasurers report available.

Membership - Pam reported 53 paid members.  She asked if you need a name badge or membership card that you contact her.  Membership cards are needed especially if you enter any All-Council Shows.  She is sending an updated membership list by email.


Fabulous Florida Exhibit.  Some changes have been requested by the CCAS for exhibiting the Fabulous Florida squares.  They will be displayed on larger boards which gives the ability to have them hung on the walls.  The exhibit will be in the side gallery.  With these changes came the opportunity to also have a exhibit of members’ art work added to the original ‘squares’.  Members are encouraged to enter 2 pieces with Fabulous Florida in mind. $25 entry fee for 1 or 2 pieces.  No cash prizes but ribbons will be awarded.  Receiving will be April 29.  Thanks to Judy we received a generous donation from CCAC student Eldon Bohrofen to help with the expense of the Fabulous Florida exhibit.


There will be an ACSWF All Council Spring Show.  5/8 receiving at the Coco Gallery.


Paul David reported that the Guild Gallery is full for the rest of the year.


Trudy Sampson reported that she and her committee judged the Cypress Lake HS Student Show and awarded 4 $250 scholarships and a $1500 memorial scholarship donated by Terry Lawler.  Trudy received a lovely thank you card from all the students in the art show.  FGCU Senior Show will be March 21.  The Guild will provide 4 $500 scholarships.

2024-2026 Slate of Officers, Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild


President - Lynn Ondercin

Vice President - Donna Spitzer

Treasurer - Janet Slater

Secretary - Maureen Ginipro

Board Members:

June Bennett

Judy Van Inwegen

Trudy Sampson

Debbie Kramer

Laura Adams

Paul David Adamick


Nominations from the floor were requested.  None were offered.  The slate was presented to a quorum of the membership and the slate was unanimously accepted.  Janet Slater was elected the new Treasurer for the 2024-2026 season.  She is replacing Nancy Kress who has been our Treasurer.  Our new VP is Donna Spitzer.  President Lynn Ondercin and Secretary Maureen Ginipro will remain in their offices for the next two year term.  


Meeting adjourned 12:01 PM


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