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2024 February 17th Member Meeting Minutes

Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild

Member Meeting

February 17, 2024



Meeting was called to order by President Lynn Ondercin at 11:30 AM


Lynn welcomed all, including new members and guests and complimented everyone on the wonderful assortment of food to share.


Minutes of the January Member meeting were accepted and seconded by Jackie Smith and Judy VanInwegen.


Treasurers Report - as of the end of January there is $6,729.34 in the treasury.


Membership Report - Pam reported 52 current members.  She also noted that members need to have a current membership card available if they enter any ACSWF shows.  Contact Pam if you wish to have a current roster of Guild members or if you need a name tag or membership card.


Expo Report - it was reported that the Expo was a success and that the raffle brought a $500 profit.  We had 44 pieces of donated art for the raffle. 


Fabulous Florida - the next Guild exhibit will be a ‘quilt like’ exhibit of 9 x 9 panels done by Guild members.  It will be displayed at the CCAC and the panels will be available for sale at $35 each.  March member meeting is the absolute deadline to enter panels.  They will be displayed in May. 


Paul David reported that there is availability to display in the Guild Gallery Corner in July, August and October. 


Scholarships - we will judge the Senior Art Show at Cypress Lake HS and the Senior Show at FGCU.  4 scholarships of $250 each at the High School and 4 scholarships of $500 each at FGCU.  Trudy Sampson as chair gets the judges for each event.  She now has as many judges as she needs. 


The nominating committee explained that the Guild needs a Treasurer and VP and urged members to consider being more active.


Laura Adams showed her art - jewelry.


Lynn and Trudy mentioned that the Lexington Community is having a Craft/Art show on March 25 and it is open to Guild members.  $10 a table $5 for pedestal or easel.  In the past there has been a lot of same type craft/art and they are going to be more restrictive.  There is also a Craft Show at Kelly Greens Community.  It will be in a tent on April 3.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM


Guest Speaker - Ann Dalton, Esquire speaking on Copyright Laws



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